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  • We are always together to draw dreams and hopes

    wewe is a children's eyeglass frame brand that keeps children's eyes healthy so that they can freely draw their dreams and hopes.

    It is a cute eyeglass frame that allows you to feel the cutiness and youthfulness by showing free curves and various color matching with the motif of the drawing line of “drawing a dream”.

    By applying PLASTA's design and technology, we launched new comfortable and safe glasses for children.

    WEWE always together to draw children's dreams and hopes

  • Children's glasses that are thought and manufactured at the child's eye level

    WEWE's brand etymology is a compound word of well + wear and launched a brand with the goal of making eyeglass frames that are perfect for children.

    Based on the basic principle that glasses should not be an obstacle to children who are in their growing period, the design was developed to fit well on the nose, such as eye shape and size.

    Eye care in children during the growing season determines their vision for life.
    It is better not to wear glasses as much as possible, but low vision is the cause of lowering the concentration of growing children, and concentration is an important factor in learning and brain development.

    WEWE eyeglass frames satisfy both comfort and fashion style for growing children who need to wear eyeglasses with vision correction or low vision.

  • Excellent durability and flexibility resistant to external impact

    WEWE products pursued slim and flexible durability by applying PEI (polyyetherimide) material that was applied to adult frames.

    Like existing products, the thick plastic eyeglass frame feels tight on the small face of the children, but the upper eyeglass frame can be injected into a slim frame, so it shows the maturity and refinement of the growing children while maintaining elastic flexibility. In addition, the double-injection-applied elastomer-made temples (S series) have a metal core that allows them to be fitted freely to suit the shape of the face of children.

    For active children, fit the eyeglass frames that are not easily run down or stretched over the face, but fit a variety of face shapes without discomfort.

    WEWE will do that.

  • Safely and thoroughly from material to finish

    In order to protect the delicate and sensitive skin of children, harmful materials are excluded and safe materials are applied.

    The nose pad that directly touches the skin is made of silicone, and a voluminous nose pad is made to protect the nose and face safely even from external shocks.
    An adjustable nose pillar is inserted so that the height of the nose can be adjusted and it can sit well on the nose.

    In addition, the tip that can be fitted according to the face shape and size is designed longer than the general tip length, so that the length of the leg can be adjusted freely by varying the bending points, and the tip material is an eco-friendly material with a recyclable elastomer applied.

    The frame style is designed to protect children's faces from scratches even by external shocks by smoothing the edges as much as possible.

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