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WEWE always together to draw the dreams and hopes of children

WEWE is a children's eyeglass frame brand that keeps children's eyes healthy
so that they can freely draw their dreams and hopes.

The drawing line "I draw a dream" as a motif

It is a cute eyeglass frame that allows you to feel the cutiness and youthfulness
by showing free curves and various color matching.


  • Excellent durability and flexibility resistant to external impact

    Like the existing products, the thick plastic eyeglass frame feels stuffy on the small face of children, but the upper eyeglass frame is made of PEI material and can be injected into a slim frame, so it shows the maturity and refinement of the growing children while maintaining elastic flexibility.

    In addition, the double injection-applied elastomer temples (S series) are inserted with a metal core, making it easy to fit freely to suit the shape of the face of children.

  • From material to finish, WEWE safely and meticulously

    The nose pad that directly touches the skin is made of silicone, and a voluminous nose pad is made to protect the nose and face safely even from external shocks.

    In addition, the tip that can be fitted according to the face shape and size is designed longer than the general tip length, so that the length of the leg can be adjusted freely by varying the bending points, and the tip material is an eco-friendly material with a recyclable elastomer applied.


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